I'm Meagan, the owner and artist behind the name. The cutie in the other picture is my little assistant, Archie (don't worry, he's never actually near the orders so if you're allergic to cats you're safe!), Archie plays a huge part in my life. He is my therapy cat. He helps to keep me grounded when my severe mental illness takes over. Archie is pictured with my debut novel, which is part of a bundle to raise money for a favourite mental health charity of mine. You can find out more about that here.

Meagan Jane Designs was started for two reasons: to raise awareness for mental health, and to raise funds for mental health. Almost every single person will more than likely experience down days, but for some people, they feel it on an intense level that often takes control and makes life just that bit harder. I know because I'm one of those people. In 2006, when I was 14 years old, I attempted suicide. If it weren't for my older brother stopping me, I'd be dead. In 2019, when I was 26 years old, I had an active plan to end my life. I had begun writing my goodbye letters, I had a date and a way to do it, and I even had a countdown on my phone. I was done with life. And if it wasn't for my therapist I would have tried again, and this time I would have made sure nothing would stop me. This is something I have never said aloud (other than to my therapist and my close loved ones) ...until now. 

​I want to make changes to how mental health is seen, but in order to do that I have to be honest about my journey, especially in the hopes of helping others. I’ve had a burning desire to take this negative and turn it into something positive, but I was never sure on how to achieve to that. After spending months thinking about it, something hit me as I was reading a book. I placed my paper bookmark in and realised I’d been through a number of them over the years…and then I knew what it was that I wanted to do. What if I could take my love of books and bookmarks and make something from scratch that could help raise money for mental health charities? And what if I could take my love of scrunchies and do the same? And that’s how Meagan Jane Designs was born.

​You may notice I use a lot of butterflies. There's one in my logo, there's multiple ones on my website, and when you place an order in your thank you note there are a few, too. There's a reason behind this. In one my therapy sessions, my therapist told me to look at my emotions as butterflies. I could hold them in my palm, and then let them fly free. And so, I now use that imagery to help when I am overcome by my depression emotions. It helps me to let go of the feeling that it's wrong to feel these kinds of emotions, and the process of becoming a butterfly can symbolise what it's like to live with mental illnesses. At the start, there's the caterpillar (who can be seen as the stages of a mental illness episode), down on the ground, feeling low and wanting to vanish, it goes into a cocoon and hides away from the world, avoiding the light and welcoming the darkness. Stuck in the cocoon with nothing but thoughts and then, when ready, it becomes beautiful butterfly, full of colour and life and it flies free, again, this can represent the stage of a mental illness. It does come and go, but there is always a beautiful butterfly there, waiting to fly free. And I look at that as a way to view my mental illnesses. One day I'll be able to fly free and not be held down by my darkness, and I hope this is one way of doing just that.

But onto the good stuff...every order is custom made, and if I don't have something you'd like, I am more than happy to take on personal requests :) If you'd like to do this, please reach out via the contact page. I'm also open to collaborating with other businesses, so if this is something you think could work for your business, please reach out. 

​To learn more about my personal journey you can listen to my podcast, where I often talk to my therapist, as well as my closet friends and family about mental health. I have a few episodes coming out in the next few months that examine how mental health affects friendships, so if you're in the same position or want to understand how to support a loved one who may be suffering with a mental illness, definitely check them out. If you also have a history of mental illness, have lost someone to suicide due to mental illness(s) or know someone with a mental illness and you'd like to talk about it on a podcast episode (or two) please feel free to contact me at meagan.tymopodcast@gmail.com

​As far as Meagan Jane Designs is concerned, my reason for doing this is to give back to Lifeline after they helped me when I was at my lowest. I want to help raise much needed funds and awareness for mental illnesses. too. By doing so, places like Lifeline can continue helping people who desperately need it, and when it feels like there is no light, I want to be able to help shine a bit of brightness where it is needed. 

Please feel free to shop for items available through Meagan Jane Designs via the shop link in the menu bar. If you'd like to chat to me about anything relating to Meagan Jane Designs, please email meaganjanedesigns@gmail.com or send a message to me on the Meagan Jane Designs Facebook or Instagram pages. And if you're experiencing a crisis please reach out.