Where are the items made?

All of the items made by Meagan Jane Designs are made with love in Perth, Western Australia.

Can I pick up my order if I live in Perth?

At this stage we have decided to suspend collection of orders unless they're mask orders.

Do you offer any buy now pay later services?

Yes! We recently added Afterpay and Zippay to our payment options!

Why do some of the fabrics have names like The Jason or The Mitch?

Almost all of the scrunchies/fabrics we have available are named after people who have helped Meagan in her mental health journey...or people who have had an impact in her life in other ways. It is Meagan’s way of showing how appreciative she is to these people. But in saying that Meagan also doesn’t want to offend anyone if there is a fabric not named after them. She only had so many pieces she could name, so unfortunately people will be left out. Meagan is extremely appreciative of anyone and everyone who supports her and she does her best to acknowledge these people as much as she can. 

Why does Meagan Jane Designs use butterflies?

See the 'About' section to read all about the butterflies :)

​How can I help?

Check in on your friends and family, and offer a safe space to talk. Also, take care of yourself. If you're struggling, reach out. It's not weak to speak and there is always someone who will be there to listen to you. And having open and honest conversations is how we will continue to break down walls and stigma, so let's worth towards that together :)

I like a few different fabrics that Meagan Jane Designs offers, can I get a custom order?

Of course! We encourage custom orders and love working closely with you to make something you'll love, and that'll be one-of-a-kind. Please contact us with as much information as possible and we will gladly work with you to create your item(s). 

​How does buying stuff from Meagan Jane Designs help raise awareness?

We hope that by buying an item you've read some of Meagan's personal experience and want to check in with your friends, and maybe opening up that dialogue and reaching out will help raise awareness. We're also working on using our products to help spread the word about mental illnesses/raising awareness, and we plan on doing that by using resources like Lifeline to help educate people on mental illnesses. While selling a scrunchie won't change the world, Meagan is an open book when it comes to her mental health in the hopes that by being so honest it may help others who feel ashamed or embarrassed (which no one should ever feel!) to reach out and ask for help.

​Where can I learn more about mental illnesses?

Don’t watch movies and TV shows that romanticise mental illnesses! Documentaries are a great place to start. Hearing about people's experiences who have lost someone to suicide is also helpful. A lot of steaming services (like Amazon Prime and Netflix) have mental health documentaries now, and there's lots on YouTube, too. Also, visiting websites like Lifeline are great options, too. They have resource pages to help understand mental illnesses and education is definitely key. 

The shipping costs seem expensive, why is this? 

Meagan spends countless hours working on items, she puts her heart and soul into each item and the prices for items/shipping don’t come close to covering the costs Meagan willingly pays to do her bit for mental health awareness/supporting Lifeline. Unfortunately costs are involved and as much as Meagan would love to sell things cheaper and send them at a cheap price a lot of that is beyond her control. Yes there are places that may be cheaper, but the reason behind why Meagan is doing this outweighs how much money she’s invested into this, and we hope our customers feel the same when purchasing something from Meagan Jane Designs.

Can I get a job with Meagan Jane Designs?

Unfortunately we currently aren't hiring, but hopefully in the future we can!

What does Meagan do with the portion of the money she doesn't donate?

Any money that is made and not donated is put back into Meagan Jane Designs...it mainly covers the cost of fabrics as that's the biggest expense.  

​Why did Meagan pick Lifeline? 

Meagan picked Lifeline as she has used the services they provide on many occasions when she needed extra support, especially late at night. Meagan feels so strongly about mental health advocacy and although she wishes she could donate to more than one place, at this current time she had to pick just one and felt that Lifeline best fit what she's trying to achieve.

​I would like to discuss mental health with Meagan for her podcast, what can I do? 

Meagan would love that! Please feel free to email her at meagan.tymopodcast@gmail.com and give her as much information as possible and she will touch base with you to work something out. Meagan is very passionate about mental health awareness and welcomes anyone who has experienced the brutality of mental health to reach out and continue to raise as much awareness as possible, no matter where in the world you are. 

​I think I'd make a great rep for Meagan Jane Designs, is this something I could do?

Absolutely! Meagan will often hold rep searches on Instagram, so your best bet is to follow the Meagan Jane Designs Instagram page to keep up to date with rep searches. Alternatively, you can use the forms of communication on the contact page to reach out and see if you'd be a good fit between rep searches. 

​I'd like to support the idea(s) behind Meagan Jane Designs but I can't afford to buy anything, is there anything else I can do to help/support Meagan Jane Designs? 

Sharing posts on social media is a great way to help without purchasing anything. Meagan appreciates any and all the support she gets, and is blown away by how people have welcomed her way of helping do her bit for mental health awareness. Letting your friends/family know what Meagan is doing helps in more ways than we can even explain and would greatly appreciate it :) 

​I have an idea for a scrunchie/bookmark/booksleeve, can I email you about it? 

You sure can. We're always on the lookout for new ideas to continue to grow Meagan Jane Designs and would love your input if you feel you have suggestions that you're happy to share :) 

​If Meagan likes an idea I submit what would happen next?

Meagan would firstly get your permission to use the idea before going ahead with anything. She would make sure you get full credit where needed and you will get any item(s) you come up with sent to you free of charge. 

I have a business and think we could work/collaborate together, is this something Meagan Jane Designs would be interested in?

Yes! We love to collaborate with other businesses - small or big! Please email the team at meaganjanedesigns@gmail.com with as much information as possible and we will let you know if it's possible to work together. 

​I have a PR enquiry, where can I reach Meagan?

For all PR enquiries please contact meaganjanedesigns@gmail.com with the email heading 'PR enquiry.' 

​I have a question that's not listed, what do I do?

If your question isn't listed here please reach out via the form in the contact section, or email meaganjanedesigns@gmail.com